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seattle city sealWhen it comes to gutter maintenance and gutter installation, Seattle residents have a choice. Still, one company stands out from the rest: Pro-long Roof Care. At Pro-long, we recognize the importance of having a properly functioning, properly fitting water management system, and our experts will make sure that your gutters perform at their peak in protecting your house from damage caused by water run-off.

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The professionals at Pro-long know that the way in which a gutter is attached to a dwelling is just as important as the type of gutter that is used. Problems will inevitably arise from ill-fitting or improperly secured gutters. We want you to know that with Pro-Long on the job, your gutters will be properly measured, secured, and fitted. Still, even if the gutters are attached properly, the attachment method itself may be inadequate especially if sectioned gutters are used. Most gutters are hung using a screw & spike/ferrule method. For this method, a spike is driven through the rim of the gutter, and a ferrule is secured to hold the gutter in place. This method, although common, has its problems. Specifically, under the stress of heavy weather, such as snow, ice, and heavy rain, the screws can be dislodged and the gutters pull away from the roof. Further, the areas of the gutter in between the screws are often not held completely flush to the side of the roof. This means that there are gaps that can get clogged with leaves, pine needles, and other debris. Since these gaps are so narrow ,it is very difficult to dislodge that debris and often times it lays against the roof, causing eventual deterioration.

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Gutters are also hung using hidden/zip hanger method. Zip hangers are metal brackets that sit flat in the gutter and are hidden from view, which makes this method more visually appealing. The screw is inserted through the back of the gutter, and the hidden hanger holds everything in place. They are typically set at intervals of 24 to 32 inches, depending on area conditions. While gutters hung by this method are generally sturdier, there still is the same problem of the gaps, as with the spike/ferrule method.

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