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redmond city sealMost homeowners don't give much thought to the gutters that protect their homes from water run off. Here at Pro-long Roof Care, though, we know how important gutters are to the beauty and integrity of your home, and we are specialists when it comes to gutter maintenance and gutter installation. Redmond residents have come to rely on our expertise in choosing the right gutter system to suit their needs.

Experts in Redmond Gutters

Gutter systems come in various styles, sizes, and material composition, and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each is essential in choosing the right gutters. There are particular considerations because of the weather and other environmental conditions prevalent in the Pacific Northwest. At Pro-long, gutters are our specialty, and we can guide you in choosing the system that is right for you.

Gutter Styles we install

Both half-round or "K" Style gutters can be made of one of several types of material such as aluminum, vinyl, steel, or copper. The different materials may be more or less suitable for particular areas. For instance, aluminum gutters are very popular in certain areas of the country because they are relatively inexpensive, lightweight and easy to install. However, aluminum itself is a pliable material and consequently gutters made from aluminum are not very sturdy and easily bent. Further, if using aluminum gutters, residents and businesses may find that they don't hold up well to heavy loads of snow and ice, and tend to become damaged by extreme weather conditions.

Pro-Longs gutters are guaranteed to stand up to the weather

Vinyl gutters are also a popular choice because they are easy to fit and don't rust. However, in many instances, the sun's UV rays can cause vinyl to break down over time, resulting in premature repair or replacement. Also, vinyl gutters, like aluminum, lack a degree of stability and can sometimes break or become damaged by extreme weather including snow and ice.

For the Pacific Northwest area, aluminum is an ideal choice for gutters. Aluminum gutters are known for not rusting. Redmond residents can depend on the strength and durability of aluminum gutters, without having to worry about ugly rust destroying their invesment.

When it comes to gutter maintenance and gutter installation, Redmond has depended upon the experts at Prolong Roof Care for many years. See what customers say about our gutters - Redmond, WA and surrounding area. Give us a call today for a free consultation with any of our gutter and roofing specialists!

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