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everett city seal At Pro-Long Roof Care - We install Everett gutters. Including seamless gutters in many Colors. We Offer Bulldog Gutter guard for a low maintenance option. A properly working gutter system is essential for any home or structure. Aside from their functionality, gutters should also be visually appealing, adding to the beauty of your home, rather than detracting from it. At Pro-long Roof Care, we recognize that each home has its own personality and consequently, we offer a selection of downspouts and gutters.You can choose the type and style that best suits your tastes and needs.

Everett gutters in a variety of styles to meet your needs

Gutters, for the most part come in two different types, specifically, half-round and "K" Style (sometimes referred to as Ogee). A half-round gutter is the original shape, prevalent since gutters were first manufactured. They are found on many older homes, and have a traditional look with a rounded bottom. The attached downspout is typically also rounded in appearance. Although preferred by many who seek an authentic or traditional look for their home, half-round gutters are generally more expensive and less efficient that the newer "K" style gutters.Homeowners seeking to install a new gutter system might find that, although less traditional in appearance, the K-style offers better value and function.

K-style gutters Everett residents love

Unlike the half-round gutters, K-style, or "Ogee" gutters are more rectangular in shape. They have a flat bottom and a flat back that rests against the fascia board. The gutter tapers out to become larger at the top. The attached downspout is generally rectangular in shape with either smooth or fluted face, depending on tastes and preferences. The unique shape makes this gutter more efficient and less expensive. This is because it allows for greater water flow with less material. That's why, when it comes to gutter replacement, Everett residents are encouraged to consider the K-style, even though it is less traditional in appearance than the half-round typically found on older homes in the area.

Everett Gutters and downspouts, custom made on site to your specifications

Aside from the style of gutters, you must also consider the size of the gutter system. This depends on the size of the house and the square footage of the roof. As a rule of thumb, a 5-inch gutter with 2 x 3-inch downspouts can handle 600 square feet of roof per downspout. On the other hand, a 6-inch gutters with 3 x 4-inch downspouts can handle 1200 square feet of roof per downspout. By using a slightly larger gutter, you can have fewer attached downspouts, which some consider to be more aesthetically appealing. Still others prefer smaller gutters since they tend to blend in more readily with the roof line of the house, even if it means having more downspouts in place.

Strong Everett Weather calls for Strong Gutters!

The weather in the Everett area has certainly been tumultuous lately! If you have experienced tree damage to your home or business, we recommend calling a licensed, bonded and insured Everett Tree Service company such as Champion Tree Care, or Heritage Tree Service and then give us a call to help repair your roof and gutters! Working with qualified local contractors can help you process easily through the mess that the storm may have left you.

Everett Gutters

The experts at Pro-long Roof Care can guide and advise you with regard to gutter replacement and gutter installation. Everett homeowners can depend on our team of professionals to determine which type and style of gutter best suits their needs and tastes. See what customers say about our service for gutters Give us a call today for a free, onsite estimate!

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