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bellevue city seal Gutters are an often overlooked part of a home's exterior, but they are crucial to maintain the health and integrity of any structure. At Pro-long Roof Care, we recognize this fact and specialize in installing and maintaining your gutters. You can count on us to provide expert installation and worry-free gutter care for their homes and businesses.

Expert care and maintenance for your Bellevue gutters

Many people don't realize the important role that gutters play on a daily basis. Water run off from rain and ice/snow melt can cause a big problem for your home. Without an adequate water management system, water run off can cause damage to both the interior and exterior of your home. For instance, if water is allowed to run directly off your roof and soak in to the ground around the foundation of your home on a regular basis, some very unpleasant situations will likely occur. You'll get seepage into the dwelling's basement, crawl space, or concrete floor, filling the area with dampness and moisture. This in turn can cause a significant problem with mold and mildew growth, including black mold. It can also cause fungal wood rot as it eventually spreads into the home's frame. Over time, the walls and floor will crack and weaken, compromising the integrity of your home.

With properly installed gutters, Bellevue residents are spared a big headache

Without properly installed gutters, homeowners are also subject to damage on the exterior of their homes. If water is allowed to run off the roof and collect around the foundation, ground erosion will occur. Healthy topsoil will be washed away, and water will begin to pool, rather than drain properly. Surrounding grass and vegetation will suffer, and the ponding of water can create a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes and other pests. Even worse, the repeated soaking and drying of the ground around the foundation will put a great deal of stress on your home's foundation, causing it to compress and compact and, over time, become structurally unsound.

With expertly installed and maintained downspouts and gutters, Bellevue homeowners don't have to worry about any of those nasty problems. Pro-long Roof Care and Gutters not only installs new, top-of-the-line gutters, but also maintains existing gutters. All of the Pacific Northwest is subject to severe weather, including heavy rains and snow. Over time, these conditions can cause your gutters to become loose or damaged. Also, since many residential areas are surrounded by trees of various types, gutters and downspouts can become clogged with leaves, pine needles, and other debris. Pro-long keeps your gutters clean and in tip-top shape so that they can work properly, avoiding the major problems with water run-off mentioned earlier.

Call Pro-long to ask about our maintenance and installation packages for Bellevue gutters. See what customers say about our gutters. We offer free estimates, so why not contact us today and protect your home against damage from water run-off?

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