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Bellevue Roof Cleaning

We have cleaned and repair 1000's of Roofs!

PRO-LONG ROOF CARE & REPAIR INC agrees to furnish and install the materials contained in the contract in a workman-like fashion in accordance to standard practices.

We don't just clean and treat your roof, we "Pro-long"- it!

We use environmentally friendly products as well as Petroleum based products in a safe manner.

Bellevue Roof Cleaning Services Include

  • Air Roof Cleaning - The safest method!
  • Careful, professional Cleaning of Composite, Shake, Concrete Tile, Clay Tile, Metal and Flat Roofs
  • environmentally friendly Moss Removal
  • Eco Friendly Moss Treatment
  • Full Roof Inspections available
  • Roof Repairs and certifications are available
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One of the most important things you can do to take proper care of your home is roof and gutter maintenance including cleaning. Bellevue residents can rest assured that Pro-Long Roof Care is your trusted source for these critical services, knowing that we do everything we can to protect and pro-long the life of your roof while we are providing roof maintenance and repair services.

We are a local family owned and operated business. dedicate ourselves to providing our King and Snohomish county neighbors with top quality, friendly services that they are pleased with. At Pro-Long, we provide Bellevue businesses and residents air and gentle water washing, roof repair, gutter cleaning, and gutter installation. Our crews service all types of roofs for roof cleaning and we repair and maintain wood shake and asphalt composition roofs.

The Oceanic climate Pacific Northwest makes it critical to keep your gutters and roof clean. The build-up of debris can happen quickly. Once the leaves, moss, branches and leaves begin to accumulate, they trap moisture between the roofing material, meanwhile they are clogging your gutters. This can compromise the integrity of your roof.

All Roofs are designed to breathe - they require ventilation and circulation, just like attics and basements. If the roof on your home stays wet for an extended period of time it can quickly decay. Gutters fill and water backs up to the roof and starts to cause water damage on the roof soffits, fascia, rafter tails and sheathing. Once a roof begins to decompose and rot, it compromises everything it's designed to protect. Water damage isn't limited to the sub-roofing material, it can affect the drywall, siding, and interior of your home as well.

When we provide you with an estimate, we like to recommend which cleaning method is best for you, depending on your needs and goals. For example, some people prefer the fresh look of a shake roof that has been cleaned with water under pressure (also known as "gentle washing"). There is a trade off when using Gentle Wash to clean your roof- it is more powerful then air cleaning and doesn't preserve the life of your roof as well unless the cleaning is accompanied by a protective roof treatment like TWP - Total Weather Protection.

The most common method we use is our more gentle air cleaning system, this can be combined with a liquid moss treatment. Since this method is more gentle, this process can take a little longer, but the results are worth it.

We're a local Bellevue Roof Cleaning and repair Company as well as a Gutter Installer

Before we schedule your roof cleaning appointment we will visit your home and inspect your roof. (We don't need you to be there) Then we will email or call you to discuss the estimate with you so that we can discuss your options. One of the advantages of being a local, family-owned business is our ability to work one on one to establish long-standing relationships with our clients.

We specialize in roofing projects, including but not limited to re-roofs, roof repairs, certifications, gutter repairs, and new gutter installation. You can see more about our Bellevue gutter installation by clicking here. We also pressure wash all types of outside surfaces, including decks and driveways. Give us a call if you are looking to increase your curb appeal or are looking for gutter replacement and roof cleaning. Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Sammamish

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