lightning strike on roof of house

How do I know my house needs gutters?

Does My House Really Need Gutters?

Maybe. Here is why gutter installation is a good idea:
  • 1. Keeps water from running on people entering the house
  • 2. Keeps mud from splashing up on the house siding
  • 3. Keeps plants from drowning and a water trough developing along the house line
  • 4. Helps prevent wood rot, mold and algae from forming
  • 5. Helps prevent soil sinking and foundation cracks
  • 6. Helps prevent water intrusion into crawl spaces and basements
  • 7. Helps keep wood or cement siding from getting water logged and deteriorating.
  • 8. Lets you direct water into a rain barrel or cistern for ecology.
  • 9. Prevents erosion of soil on sloped yards.

    Ok, so you don't want the gutters anyway. Here is how to do it. First make sure your HOA or city regulations allow for homes with no gutters. Some areas may require gutter installation. Bellevue does not appear to have any requirements in the city code.

    Find the drip line around the house. Dig a ditch all the way around the home, one foot wide and one foot deep. Put crushed rock down 3 inches deep. Lay in a perforated drain pipe the length of the trench making sure the trench is level all the way around. Run the drain pipe to a pvc drain pipe that carries the water off the property. Cover the pipe in the trench with gravel up to level with the surrounding surface.

    You have just moved your gutter from the roof line to under ground. If you are willing to live with the rain running off the roof, you have just saved yourself the need for the annual gutter cleaning.