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Roof Replacement from the Experts

Full Service Roofing

We have been keeping roofs ship shape in the Puget Sound since 2003. We have installed or serviced over 3,000 roofs, all with guaranteed performance.
gaf shingles logo We know why roofs leak, how to fix them, how to keep them from leaking, how to get the longest life out of a roof and how to replace a roof for long life. 1st Security Bank works with us to provide excellent financing options. We have references available on request, and you can find some of our re-roof reviews here.

composite roofing

GAF Certified

Our history as roofers and roof repair specialists means we know how to install a composite roof in a way to avoid those failures we see every day on other roofer's installs. We use only the best components for your roof; ones that last. We partner with GAF, a leader in composite roof shingles and underlayment. By being a GAF Certified roofer we have access to one of the best composite shingles money can buy. Call us and we will bring the product line to you for your review and consultation. We offer convenient financing options as well.

Our GAF shingles come in a wide variety of styles, grades, and colors to match every need.

Cedar Shakes and Shingles

cedar shake roofing

Not your grandfather's shakes. Today's cedar shakes and shingles provide long-lasting, safe roofing with and elegant look that fits the Northwest. We offer Cedar Shake Shingle Bureau Certified shingles from Snohomish-based Seattle Cedar Supply. CSSB Certified come available in pressure-impregnated preservative treated to reduce fungal decay and increase lifetime of what already is a superior life product. With the addition of fire retardant your new cedar roof is Class A fire rated.

Cedar shake roofs look elegant, can extend the life of your roof and are less suseptible to failure problems associated with steep roof slopes where heavy composite roofing can pull away from the roof. Because they offer a smaller surface to the wind, wind sailing and blown shingles can be less of a problem. A final bonus is that cedar shakes and shingles provide improved insulation for your attic and home which can lower energy bills.


tpo roofed housePro-Long Roof Care installs GAF Everguard and Everguard Extreme TPO with guarantees up to 35 years. GAF is a major manufacturer of roofing materials and is well respected in the industry.

TPO is one of the best solutions for replacing your flat roof. TPO provides the combined benefits of EPDM and PVC at a lower price. TPO is the newest and fastest growing solution for flat/low slope roofs.

TPO provides the flexibility and stretch of EPDM, making it more resistant to tears and punctures. It provides the seam sealing advantages of PVC allowing for hot air welding for a impenetrable seam seal.

TPO is Energy Star rated and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. Call us for more information.

Nu-Ray Metal Roofing

nu-ray metal roofed house

Expensive? Yes. Durable? Yes. Gorgeous? Yes. Get some Wow now.

One of the nicest roofing solutions around, Nu-Ray metal roofs provide many advantages over other roofing systems. Metal roofing lasts up to 4 times longer than composite roofing and can lower summer heat transfer to the home by as much as 40% over composite roofing.

Metal roofing is ecologically friendly. Nu-Ray roofing is made of 30% recycled steel and when roofs are removed the materials are 100% recycled, unlike composite roofing which produces 11 million tons of land fill material a year.

In addition to a wide array of available colors, Nu-Ray roofing has been shown to retain it's value on re-sale, recouping as much as 95% of the cost.